The first step in ordering custom index tabs is deciding on the number of headings you want and if you would like colour printing or black and white. The distinction between colour and black and white is strictly in the printing -- black and white tabs can have colour laminating film. The index tabs are organized into two categories based on printing and you just select the number of headings you want between three and twelve. What more than twelve headings? No problem. Contact us directly and we'll get you a quick quote.  Stock: Choose the type of paper you want to use for your index tabs. The default is 90lb index stock which is the same as what the majority of commercially available index tabs. We also offer a 10pt coated stock which is thicker and has a semi-gloss finish. At Tab Department we recommend the premium paper especially if your index tabs involve colour printing. If you require index tabs printed on a specific kind of stock contact us and we will arrange a custom quote. Index tabs can be manufactured from stock as think as 12pt.   Paper Size: The default is letter size 8½ x 11 with a half-inch extension. Legal (8½ x 14) as well as European sizes A4 and A5. For smaller tabs Tab Department offers a half-page size and for large tabs we offer tabloid (11 x 17). If none of the seven preselected sizes serves your needs then contact us and we can make you index tabs to your specific paper size requirements.   Orientation: The final style item that you'll have to select is if you want the tabs to be along the short-edge or the long-edge. Most index tabs are along the long-edge but charts or books that a bound on the short-edge will have their tabs on the short-edge as well.  Bodyart is anything you would like printed on the index tab other than the headings. You have a lot of options from something as simple as having your logo printed on the body to having the entire body of your tab printed. <br /> <br/> Note: if you supply colour bodyart but selected B&W index tabs then your file will be converted to gray scale before printing.  The headings are the text you would like on the tabs themselves. Each tab has a text box and you just type what you want and we will print it on your tabs. Tab headings are not limited to text -- if you'd like an image on your tab we can do that as well.  ou have the ability to select the font that will be used for your index tabs. We've included Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, and Helvetica as well as an option to select Other and then enter the name of the font you'd like us to use. If your logo uses a specific font we are happy to match it so as to maintain a consistent corporate image.   If you are customizing colour index tabs you'll be given the option of choosing the colour of the text for the tab headings. If you have a PMS colour we are quite good at matching most PMS colours so select Custom and include your PMS colour in the special instructions. Likewise if you want to have different tabs printed in different colours that is also no problem -- just include the instructions in the special instructions.  In addition to the content of the headings you will also be asked to customize the look of the tabs. The first item is the laminating film. Clear is the default but we also offer five preselected colours and the option to request a custom colour. There are 18 colours of laminating film but availability is subject to change.If you want to use multiple colours just pick one colour and include the request in the special instructions box at the end.