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  • CAD $4.75

    Numeric Index Tabs -- Available from 1 to 25 all the way to 1 to 5000 Unpunched. 

    CAD $4.75
  • CAD $2.40

    Collated Numeric Exhibit Index Tab Dividers                                                 Two Type Styles Available:                        Avery: Bold ALL-CAPS                         All-State: Regular Sentence Case

    CAD $2.40
  • CAD $4.94

    Collated Alpha Exhibit Index Tab Dividers  Two Type Styles Available:                        Avery: Bold ALL-CAPS                         All-State: Regular Sentence Case

    CAD $4.94
  • CAD $6.70

    For complex family law cases a set of 30 multi-colored index tabs

    CAD $6.70
  • CAD $3.80

    Bank of 7 index tab dividers for Family Law use. Tab Titles Correspondence / Client InfoPleadings and MotionsOrders, Agreements & JudgmentsDiscovery / Deposition SummariesIncome, Expenses & AssetsCustody & SupportDocumentation & Exhibits 

    CAD $3.80
  • CAD $5.10

    A set of 18 index tab dividers on two banks for Criminal Law use. First BankThings to DoClient Info / StatementPolice Report / ChargesArraignmentPretrialDiscoveryMotionsResearch / LawExhibits / Evidence Second BankVoir DireOpening StatementProsecution WitnessesDefense WitnessesExpert WitnessesClosing StatementJury InstructionsGrounds for AppealSentencing

    CAD $5.10
  • CAD $3.76

    Bank of 8 index tab dividers for bankruptcy use. Tab Headings Client InterviewCorrespondencePetitions & SchedulesCreditorsPlanAmendmentsReaffirmations / Pick upsBills & Records 

    CAD $3.76
  • CAD $4.99

    A set of 16 index tab dividers on two banks for Personal Injury use. First BankThings To DoClient Info & Interview  CorrespondencePolice Reports / Witness StatementsMedical ConsentsMedical BillsMedical RecordsMedical Reports Second BankLawEvidence / ExhibitsPleadingsDiscovery / Deposition SummariesMotions / OrdersWages Loss / SpecialsDemandRetainer...

    CAD $4.99
  • CAD $3.68

    Bank of 12 index tab dividers for Probate and Estate Law use.

    CAD $3.68
  • CAD $4.99

    A set of 21 index tab dividers for Trial / Litigation use. First BankThings To DoStatement of FactsPleadingsLegal ResearchOutline of LiabilityOutline of DamagesExhibits Second BankWitnessesMotionsOrders / StipulationsDepositions / DiscoveryTrial Prep & BriefsVoir DireJurors Third BankRecordsOpening StatementPlaintiff's CaseDefendant's CaseJury...

    CAD $4.99
  • CAD $13.00

    A complete Estate Planning system with a set of tabs for professional use and a set of tabs for client use. The client set is limited to the estate plan while the professional set also includes notes from client discussions and the research and reasoning that supports the estate plan. The complete list of headings is in the More Info section below.

    CAD $13.00
  • CAD $2.00

    A very simple set of index tabs to help with estate planning.  Headings: To Do / Notes / Deadlines Estate Objectives Correspondence Fee Agreement

    CAD $2.00
Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items